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DJ IWank And Friends - New Hits 2011

01. DJ IWank - CANON 2011 (BreakBeatMix)

02. DJ IWank - Castle In The Sky (Progressive 2011)

03. DJ IWank - Fantasy 2011 (Progressive)

04. DJ IWank - Freaks 2011 (BreakBeatMix)

05. DJ IWank - Tears In Melody (Progressive 2011)

06. DJ IWank - Touch Me (Progressive 2011)

07. DJ IWank - You Sexy Mommy (Progressive 2011)

08. New Hits Mix - Toy Friends

09. Lady Gaga (single to SingleMix) (Dance Versionmix)

10. DJ Fino - With Dust Short

11. DJ IWank - Dance BBM

12. 50 Cent - In Da Club 2011mix(ElectromixREMIX)

13. Local Mix 10-01-11 By Dj Fernando

14. DJ Yudha - Computer Melody 2011

15. ADIY - BREAKBEAT Januari 2011

16. Dj Jimmy W BESI - The art of BREAKBEAT -Maret 2011

17. Viva Indonesia Dr Beat Rmx

18. DJ HANOCK - Computer Melody 2011

19. [KMF] - Tang ni ku tang 2011


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Download Skin Virtual Dj

Download skin Turntablist variations v.5.2


I forgot who ordered this skin VirtualDJ to djing. and apologize because I just got it from a friend. I accidentally post here so that he can take it. Especially others in needed (turntablist skin variations v.5.2

Screen :1280 x 800

added more "uniform" style and improved buttons.
new dual wave version
add a brand new scratch wave skin and update original version with 3 different wave views
adds side by side split waves
includes default style waves now as an option. detail here

skin Turntablist (v.5.2) in use for software VirtualDJ v.5 - 6 and paired with turntablis. like the picture here. well suited to dj use the turntablis and join with VirtualDJ software. for you who need this skin please download  here

Or here.
How to install the skin?
double-click the file name, skin automatically entered into the software Virtual DJ. Now you can mixing the song as you like. if needed according to your taste skin please download here --best skin vdj. (as like cdj 1000, 800, dmc, numark skin and more).

virtual dj skin Denon s1200


Can use for internal mixer or/external.
lnk Download here.

vdj skin V-Mix variations v5.4 tutorial

Tutorial simple about how to using this skin. see the green of color.
go to download.
this is answer from what you ask to pass my e-mail. you enquire the preparation, stages;steps and technique of any kind of moment deejaying use the virtual dj sofware
ok. I will explain in detail step for the shake of ordinary step is I do. Its preparation is
1. Compiling / preparing song
is important because at the time of starting our concentration is not annoyed. And we can chosen the which song first we turn around. to chosen the first song better look for the song which tempo / its beat lower. because at good presentation is longer excelsior beat / its tempo
2. comprehending song
Why?..... because when us will do the song commutation, we can determine in durasi to how much or at which shares precisely. Follow the example of: If you have the song of Fly way - jean cloud ades, that song at durasi 1 - 50 second is its base element. And at durasi 57 second is second of where us have to do the song transfer. By degrading used up first song volume. But if us have recognized its song and understand this shares is unnecessary.
technique and its step
Its technique
Cueing, beatmaching, cuting
first Song moment is we have place in desk 1 / desk 2, and you have turn around the. Ok, just assume you have placed the first song in desk 1
Step and first technique is:
Technique Cue used to make the star of early ( point)
To determine the Cue, you can use the Vinyl mode, knob seach, or rythem windows. By click, hold up and move to go forward the / back to middle according to requirement. Later;Then klick Cue. Its Result See the picture 2. ( set the wave zoom 2 in left angle;corner).
Picture 1
Placing second song to desk 2. set the Volume mixer 0, crossfader position in the middle of, Cue Mix ( off )

picture 2

Pictrure 2.
BEATMACHING (equalizing knock)
Activating function of CUE MIX at mixer VDJ, hence will be heard by two song concurrently.
After yours cue point make, hereinafter is second play song by following knock ( voice the “DUK” ) first song. Listening passing headphone. If not yet of equal click of knob of PITCH BEND according to requirement. Easy???

If its knock have of equal, you can use the function LOOP ( 4, 8, 16 beat ) to cancel the moment will do the song transfer.
So , how to in song commutation ??
Cutting is do the song commutation by cutting first song, before ending., seemly is correct moment. For example : first song there are vocal, our last is cutting with the second song having vocal also. Become its simple is vocal meet the vocal at the time of song commutation.
You can use the technique cutting or await the first song come up with part of its base element. Usually 15 song second will end, always return to its base element.
Friend, you must comprehending this mixer function

Mixer VDJ position, like this if you will do the song commutation

Paying attention to mixer desk 2
volume level on course 4
Setting >> Low, midle, and hight like that at the (time) of will do the song commutation
Cue Mix, set the off.
activating speaker monitor.
the headphone discharge or just activate side. because side to listen to speaker monitor. same of equal and not its among first song and second song for the setting of mixer will be heard by passing speaker monitor.
Go to here for detail wequipment and techniques

Pioneer cdj skin for virtual dj

All pioneer cdj skin for virtual dj

Because some my friend have asked the pioneer cdj skin for virtual dj and their request differ, here I have upload all my collection the VDJ skin pioneer for you all. cdj 100s v5 (1024 x768)
2.Pioneer cdj 200s (compatible screen)
3.Pioneer cdj 400 with djm 700 v.7 cdj 800 v.5 variation
5.Pioneer cdj 1000 Mk ll djm 300
6.Pioneer cdj 1000 Mk ll multy mixer
7.Pioneer cdj 1000 Mk lll v.4 variaton
8.Pioneer dvj 1000 Download

how to install skin any on the part file, and you will find it after you exstrack. I have testing all skin on virtual dj 6.1 and working. If you need other skin please see at the best skin virtual dj at my article last month.

For number 1- 7
Download skin

Miror link
download skin


if you have trouble on skin "Error video driver", please close your virtual dj software then reload again. If still problem, do restart your computer. When you activated effect at the time mixing, and your vdj become hang may be your Ram/memory less be big. vdj need 1024 minimum Ram,128 mb Vga for performing. Recommended your Ram 2gb, proccesor Dualcore /core 2 duo.